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PA12CF15, Why?

PA12CF15 is a Nylon PA12 type thermoplastic infused with
chopped carbon fibers
(3-4mm lenght) which provide a very capable material, for
a wide range of usage.

With a very high HDT and VICAT point, it can resist an average 180°C
temperature before deformation, the high stiffness of the carbon fibers provide a stonger part, fixed and no prone to deformation over time or during the manufacturing process. By comparison with other material, it does not breaks, due to the relative ductility of the material, meaning the resistance for engineeing appliances make it a perfect material for mechanical parts.

BRS-Engineering is specialized in composite FDM material and
his applications in France since 2016.

Your are looking for an engineering grade material for your machines? I got your back here!

Another need about a specific Composite thermoplastic for a
specific project? Contact me below !



BRS-Engineering it is:

Passion to create and print

The products manufactured at BRS-Engineering meet demanding specifications and rigorous quality control to meet demand.

Made in France

Reduced carbon footprint

From production to dispatch, everything is done to reduce the ecological footprint of the activity; Raw material FR/EU, Collaboration by proximity with local companies, recycling of waste, Carbon neutral shipping.

Premium materials

Each material is chosen for its quality. They have all been selected and tested internally, to guarantee a final product of quality, mechanical, visual and long-lasting. I try to favor French and European Union products to guarantee short and rewarding circuits


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