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Anycubic MONO X Fumes Filter Full kit

Anycubic MONO X Fumes Filter Full kit

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Compatible with the Anycubic Mono X, this air recycler allows the filtration of the enclosure of the printer, thanks to 2 HEPA filters and 2 large cartridges of activated carbons.

In addition to filtering potentially harmful elements, odors are completely eliminated.

The design allows the complete recycling of the air which allows the enclosure to be maintained at a constant temperature (Compatible with PTC) to work with complex resins and maintain perfect dimensional stability.

The module stacks on the Mono X and therefore saves significant space.

Its integrated LED system allows illumination of the work volume.

Double ventilation for more performance

The passage of the two HEPA filters and the two carbon cartridges is carried out by 2 Delta 80mm fans with high static pressure, in push/pull configuration.

Cartridge manufacturable for cost reduction

The activated carbon granules are arranged in a honeycomb matrix 30mm thick, i.e. 60mm with the two filters, which is 3 to 4 times greater than the usual professional solutions.

The filtration is complete and its design theoretically allows an operation of approximately 1-2 years depending on use


The module matches the vertical profile of the printer while keeping its line and offers simple handling without loss of space.

Manufacturer's warranty preserved

No loss of manufacturer's warranty, no invasive modification of the printer.

Adjustable speed

A selection of speed from 500 to 2000rpm for a sound volume equivalent to the printer

Removal of most harmful fumes*, no residual odors


Full version ready to use

* ventilation is strongly recommended

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