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Ultraflat 10mm Bed Plate for RatRig V-Core 3.0/3.1

Ultraflat 10mm Bed Plate for RatRig V-Core 3.0/3.1

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For Vcore
Embedded Magnets
UltraFlat 10mm Cast aluminium bed plate
  • Dimension VC300: 329 x 329 x 10 mm (original: 6 mm)
  • Dimension VC400: 429 x 429 x 10 mm (original: 6 mm)
  • Dimension VC500: 529 x 529 x 10 mm (original: 6 mm)
  • Material: EN AW-5083 cast tooling plate
  • Tolerance (of total length): +- 0.05 mm (22°C)
  • Options:
    • Without Magnets
    • With HT Magnets: 16 pieces with M3 screws (ISO 14581 M3)
  • Come with a QA Certificate: Created by a Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex V
  • Design: Credit goes to Wade Wendorf (Mandela Rose Works)


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Each bed are handmade across a specific and precise machining and QA process, availability will vary depending size and options. The manufacturing process can take some time (weeks) depending the work load, demand, and material stock. To get an ETA don't hesitate to ask me with the chat pannel.

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