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Fiberology PA12-GF15

Fiberology PA12-GF15

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PA12 + GF15 is another variant (after PA12 + CF) of Fiberlogy's line of nylon filaments. The addition of glass fibers has made it possible to obtain a filament which combines the following properties:

  • Great durability
  • Impact resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Due to its low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, Fiberlogy PA12 + GF15 filament is suitable for printers that are not equipped with a heated print chamber.

PA12 + GF15 filament offers greater flexibility than carbon fiber reinforced nylon, and is therefore ideal for applications subject to variable stress and shock.

Note: The material has very abrasive properties. I recommend using hardened steel, tungsten carbide, vanadium, or ruby nozzles.

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