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Z-Upgrade (Vcore 3.x)

Z-Upgrade (Vcore 3.x)

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Upgrade to replace the original Z with a ball screw system. More precise, very reliable over time, offers a very high repeatability in the Z movement compared to a trapezoidal screw. Maintenance-free*. To be coupled with a WING or RING decoupling system

for Vcores 500, use a 60mm OR 48mm NEMA 17 motor with high holding torque
-Requires D5M4x35mm shoulderbolt for the top idlers (See the manual)

Layout Vcore 3.0 and 3.1 available HERE To choose according to your wish:
VC3.1: makes the machine compatible with Ratrig's Enclosure 2.0 (posterior front rails )
VC3.0: keep the basic layout (interior front rails)


-Printed parts kit

-SFU1204 (depending on option chosen) with BF+BK

-Oldham V2

- Fasteners 4x m2x8


 Not included:

- General screws (mainly recycled from the Ratrig kit)





Troubleshooting guide


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