BRS-Tech, extensively BRS-Engineering, is a Microenterprise founded in March 2020 by Florent Broise in Grenoble, in the French Alps.

Initially oriented IT, I took the initiative to transform a passion of 6 years, 3D printing, into real work, secondarily to my first job.

Initially oriented printing service for individuals and professionals, I decided in 2021 to design my own machines, in order to best fit the needs of the company, and to overcome some limitations of professional machines, all geared towards innovation.

In particular, I specialized in composite materials, anticipating by experience their under-exploited added value of the time, real challenger to certain metals, and offering unique manufacturing characteristics, fast, resistant, really usable in finished products of demanding fields.

I offer a printing service of kits developed in-house, known machines like the Vcore, the Voron family, but also any requests related to specific Parts/ Projects/ Developments.

Passionate above all, I have a solid clientele, confident in my services.

I am proud today to count my achievements and services in various prestigious locations, on both sides of the globe (or around!), such as CERN, but also in regular product developments by subcontractors of ESA, Vinci, Sixense, Thales, Air Liquide, as well as the French Army.

BRS-Engineering is a company with only one employee; myself, without being numerous, I bring control and rigor, mastered from end to end, which allows total control.  

The next few months will see some projects emerge including the commercialization of a high-end 3D printer, professional, at the price content, made in France, and at the forefront of innovation.

A project? An idea? Contact me:

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