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Z-Upgrade 2.8 Definitive Edition (Vcore 3.0/3.1)

Z-Upgrade 2.8 Definitive Edition (Vcore 3.0/3.1)

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Ballscrews set
SFU Version and Size

Upgrade to replace the original Z with a ballscrew system. More precise, very reliable over time, offers a very high repeatability in the Z movement compared to a trapezoidal screw. Maintenance-free*. Made to last in a production line. No wobble over Z. Proofed design over 2021. More than 350+ users since 2021. Lifetime Support

-Version définitive du Kit (a version 1204 Uniquement)

- Simplification of parts, complete recycling of the screws from the Vcore Stock (additional BOM)

-Natively compatible with RatRig bottom plates, no need to make new cuts (1204 only)

-Reinforced frame from the front blocks

-Denser integration

-Natively compatible with NEMA 17 / NEMA 23

-Suitable for Vcore 200, 300, 400, 500, 600* and above or any other iteration on a Vcore 3.0/3.1 basis


The base of the Z-Upgrade 1.0 has been preserved because it is particularly reliable over time and on its printing quality. Despite testing on rail systems and the like, this design is the most repeatable in my experience through the various iterations: you don't change what works well!

Requires (x3) C7 SFU1204 of *50mm: for VC300: 450mm, VC400: 550mm etc


For Vcores 500, use 60mm OR 48mm NEMA 17 motors with high holding torque, or a suitable Nema 23

Vcore 3.0 and 3.1 compatible: refer to the manual, the mounting is identical between the 3.0 and 3.1, both front arms attach rail inside.

NOTE: In 99% of cases, the use of version 1204 is more than enough, version 1605 is dedicated to larger projects/customs, version 1605 requires a different bottom plate, and a different BOM. CONTACT ME TO EVALUATE THE NEEDS IN 1605


-Printed parts kit

-SFU1204/1605 C7 (depending on option chosen) with BF+BK

-Oldham V2.5 Complet


Not included:

- General screws (mainly recycled from the Ratrig kit)



-Hardware type rail etc


Troubleshooting guide

All orders for Z-Upgrade 1204 from the 1st janualry 2024 will feature the 2.8 revision

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