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(CAD) HEX "DeSnorkeling" shock plate for Porsche Cayman/Boxster 987 (CAD)

(CAD) HEX "DeSnorkeling" shock plate for Porsche Cayman/Boxster 987 (CAD)

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CAD of Replacement Shock Plates, perforated hexagon pattern to 3D print.  (manufacturer ref P117769)

-Very slight increase off airflow intake

-Intake induction sound more present

-Sportier exterior design

This kit contains the CAD in 3MF 1 set of 2 plates, the perforated main impact shield and the rear intake grille positioned before the snorkel.

Unlike existing third-party models, this kit offers double protection, very similar to the initial model, respecting blocking of potentially intrusive elements by two different mesh filters. It offers increased protection against splashes, rain and vehicle washes, due to the thickness of the first filter.

Dimensions identical to the original, hanging points conserved, installation in 5 minutes
No Modifications needed, Nothing to cut, can be removed to use the OEM plate back, operation reversible.

Compatible vehicles (non-exhaustive list):





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