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Z Oldam decoupler

Z Oldam decoupler

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Evolution of the HEVORT Wings system which satisfied an XY offset of compensation and removing any Wobbling artefact in Z

More precise and reliable, no backlash, no plays

Maximum XY Total Deviation: 2.4mm

Sold pre-assembled By Kit of 3 , With Inserts, magnets, beads Steel 4mm (without screws)

The central ring is updated in version 2.3 in one piece

25Kg+ support capacity before bending/fatigue (tested on 12 months of constraints): Allow the use of heavy beds such as MANDALA ROSE YORK or SPANNSYSTEM versions in 10mm/12mm

PA12-CF15 throughout all kits



(Reworked model of an EvoMotor Iteration dated 2021 under CC-BY-SA


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