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Original HIWIN/RDBB Rails (various options)

Original HIWIN/RDBB Rails (various options)

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Genuine Hiwin or RDBB rail. Preload on these is spec to Z1. Rail comes coated in oil from factory. (paired carriage + rail)

Z1 preload remove the usual play of the rails which are generaly labeled Z0

Z1 preload is important for the Vcore X motion axis since it will help to reduce XY play and give you a way better Inputs shaper. It removee the excessive noise of the ball bearing too

Main Specs:

  • Original Hiwin or RDBB
  • Z1 preload

Reminder, rail lenght per Vcore size for X

VC200: 300mm

VC300: 400mm

VC400: 500mm

VC500: 600mm

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