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Rear Subframe stabilizer for 987C

Rear Subframe stabilizer for 987C

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Under rear subframe stablizer forPorsche Cayman 987C(05-12), rigidify the OEM connecting subframe plate which tends to bend during tight turns on mountain/circuit roads. Avoid fluctuations rear camber and/or of the Toe in/out during rigorous brake

The aluminum bar is custom made in our workshop

The heimjoin are made of reinforced steel and adapted to the specifications of the vehicle

The base studs is replaced by a pair of 60mm titanium bolt with an aluminum spacer

French Manufacturing, shipped out within 10 days


-Stablizing custom bar with RL threads

-RL stainless steel heimjoins with RL counternuts

-Titanium grade 5 titanium bolt with flat washer and split washers


We recommend using blue fillet brake (not provided) for final locking


Compatibility List:



BRS-ENGINEERING/BRS-TECH cannot be held liable for any special, direct, indirect, consecutive or incidental damage or any damage whatsoever, resulting from improper installation, use on Open road, public road, private circuit, whether in the context of a contractual action, negligence or other offense, resulting from or in connection with the use of this Product



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