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L3VER M1 V1.5 REFRASH (CAD) tendon

L3VER M1 V1.5 REFRASH (CAD) tendon

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Version STEP + BOM and manual

Compatible with any VCORE 3.0/3.1 200/300/400/500, any Enclose (1.0/2.0) Compatible with BRS-AWD Drive. ATTENTION the basic layouts are not compatible with the head of the r2023, the compatible version is provided in this CAD

Most of the BRS-E mods and products have a free CAD access, The CAD option on this specific product is "symbolically" paying in order to enhance the work and the creation of the prototypes upstream.

See this as a direct creative involvement at BRS in general!

Be frank game not to publish this STEP, to share it for free, it harms me very much, the rest of my cads are free;)


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