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Trigger L3VER M1 REFRENCH V1.5 ( free STEP)

Trigger L3VER M1 REFRENCH V1.5 ( free STEP)

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Toolhead layout

Quick-install tensioner module, allowing the tension of the belts to be relocated to the rear part of the machine, thus freeing up the print head. Makes the future head compatible VZBOT On the Vcore3, the future Flathead 3.0 as well as the other head mods without a tendon

A version dedicated to the R 2023 toolhead is also available

This upgrade is compatible with all iterations of Vcore 3.0 AND 3.1; stock, with box, open front mod, etc

Its installation is done in 30 minutes and limits the dismantling of the machine.

Its major advantage compared to existing solutions is that it does not use the motors as tension elements. This reinforces the reliability of the XY motor blocks, the axes and allows a very precise tension at +-0.05mm.

The block sits at the back of the machine between the two extrusions at any level.

After adjustment the system locks with the two shoulder screws to fully secure the assembly

Allows 16mm adjustment travel

Compatible with BRS-AWD Drive and 1.0 and 2.0 enclose

HERE an EVA 3.x tensionnerless back part STEP and STL files, For each order M2/M1 order, you can he it at 50%! Just add it to your cart it's automatic!

The BRS-ENGINEERING logo and writing is not on the model


All versions (ASA, PA12CF15) come with reinforced PA12CF15 Y-tenders


What will I receive?: M1 fully assembled for EVA/VZ

OR M1 fully assembled for RR 2023

É for EVA/VZ


Kit without screws BOM.

Under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

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