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Vcore 3.1 + Enclosure 2.0 Full Kit

Vcore 3.1 + Enclosure 2.0 Full Kit

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Toolhead (insert)

Printed parts Only, for Vcore 3.1 + enclosure 2.0 + EVA 3.x. High quality, very good dimensional respect (+-0.07mm).

PA12-CF15: Nylon 12 and carbon fiber. High rigidity, heat resistance 150-175°C, high frictional resistance, lighter than ASA/ABS, textured matte black surface rendering. (Industrial grade filament)

WORK: derived from ABS, better behavior against warping, better behavior under UV rays, thermal resistance +-110°C, Matt black

Kit contents:

Vcore3.1 + Enclosure 2.0 + EVA 3.x (configure here)


BRS-Engineering recommend using the new 2020 machined aluminum tubing from SpannSystem to take advantage of the precision of a light and durable crossbar, made in Europe, See more here

SpannSystem also offers on his site Aluminum beds machined with attention to the strictest flatness. See more here

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