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Vcore 4.0 Printed Parts

Vcore 4.0 Printed Parts

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Printed parts Only, for Vcore 4.0+RR toolhead+ enclosure parts.

High quality, perfect fitment dimensional accuracy (0.07mm). 

PA12-CF15: Nylon 12 and carbon fiber. High stiffness, +175°C thermal resistance, high friction resistance, lighter than ASA/ABS, textured matte black surface finish. (High quality Industrial grade filament)

ASA: ABS derivative, better warping behavior, better UV resistance, +90-100°C thermal resistance, matte black

  • The kit includes all the VCORE 4.0 parts (base parts and the enclosure parts) + Toolhead parts
  • Comes with all heat-insert inserted, ready to assemble right out of the BOX!

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