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L3VER M3 AWD Module

L3VER M3 AWD Module

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Features L3ver M2 features with the addition of the AWD BRS drives. This upgrade is basically a Tensionner M2/AWD combo

- 3.0 with stock Z configuration or any Z-Upgrade 1.0-2.0-2.8DE. 
- 3.1 with stock Z configuration or any Z-Upgrade 1.0-2.0-2.8DE. 
- Enclosure 1.0 with the adding of the front 3030 aluminium extrusion ONLY.
- 2.0 enclosure with the adding of the front 3030 aluminium extrusion(Choose the version accordingly)
- 2.0 enclosure without the front 3030 aluminium extrusion (Choose the version accordingly)

So it may not fits every need for everyone for now. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact BRS-ENGINEERING

A new iteration will be released with the removal of this 3030 front extrusion, and will be compatible with Vcore 3.0, 3.1

This upgrade is released for few reasons:

-First it gives VCORE 3.0 early owner the capacity to upgrade the machine to an actual beast, matching any AWD performance printers without deep modification

-The Combo simplify the BOM, the price, and will allow everyone to get it at a better price (From the BRS Engineering store, or by self-sourcing)

-It brings more simplicity to the upgrade, and allow everyone on budget to upgrade the VCORE 3.x structure to a super efficient machine. At BRS Engineering I have always kept in mind to make those mod available to everyone, early VCORE owner, actual VC3.1 owners.

This kit is basically 25% less expensive on the STORE than the MASTER KIT (Already a discounted item) and is more easy to manufacture reducing the lead time at production, for the same performances

Files are available on the Github since the pre-release publication, and now with a more extended and corrected version, and on Printable

The Z-Upgrade 1605-1204 parts are included by default, even for the stock RatRig system, as a modular option
This Upgrade need the Mirrored parts here


BOM and MANUAL Coming soon
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